By: Katherine Agius  28-May-2012
Keywords: Personal Development, Confidence, Personal Growth

“When I engaged Katherine to coach my 12 year old daughter on effective communication, the outcomes we set out to achieve were clearer speech, better structured presentations, better pronunciation, and more confidence speaking in public and in social situations. However Katherine's coaching extended beyond the mere "tangible" aspects of speech to building self esteem, really understanding how my daughter's core needs were being fulfilled and how as a family we interacted with each other. This holistic approach has been invaluable, both for myself as a parent and for my daughter, as she steers through the teenage years. Katherine is able to build a fantastic rapport with her clients, whether they be 12 or 42 years old. Thank you Katherine for your outstanding professionalism and commitment.” Anjalika Gunawardana, Sydney, May 2012 “I was feeling pretty frustrated before I met Katherine, because the same old stuff was happening, I was heading off to do a course and the same “old pattern” was happening, we had 3 sessions, and the last one was before a course I was attending, same anxieties and I had a major breakthrough, managed the course with more confidence and clarity, and light bulb moment when I acknowledged there were most of the room going through the same stuff. So thankyou Katherine, I really acknowledge you and thank you for all that.” Jane Bennett, Homoeopath, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, March 2012 “I was feeling pretty frustrated around my business as I was starting so many things and not getting anywhere with any of it. After only one session, Katherine really helped me to clarify and become aware of my behaviours that were getting in the way of my success in business and helped me create a new strategy to achieve my goals in such an easy way! It's amazing how easy it was afterward to see how I could achieve the things in my business that seemed so hard or unfamiliar before. Now the tasks in my business that were daunting I now do easily without a second thought! Thank you Katherine for enlightening me and helping me to kicking my goals!” Grace Vassallo, Renew Life Coaching, Melbourne, February 2012 “I reached a slow point where I was making little progress with my work and business. I was holding on very tightly to what I had already achieved in my life and afraid to lose it. I frequently had a story or external excuses as to why it was taking me so long to reach my goals when in fact I was afraid to keep moving forward. Katherine is a great coach and knows how to keep me focused on my desired outcome and break through my limiting behaviours. In her supportive style she has helped me find new ways of thinking about things which were previously holding me back. Since the coaching with Katherine I have become more free of my limiting beliefs around being good enough to succeed in my new goals. This has made me more confident and allowed me to progress in achieving my goals more rapidly. Katherine is a great coach and knows just the right questions to ask at the right time to get to keep me moving forward positively towards my goals and dreams. She has held me accountable for my progress ensuring that the only option is success in every area that I have chosen. I recommend Katherine as a coach to anyone that wants to stretch beyond their limits and achieve their goals and dreams.” Mark Perre, Telstra Corporation, Sydney, December 2011 “Thank you Katherine for doing what no-one else has been able to do. After just one amazing session with you I was able to turn myself and the business around. Despite these tough economic times and whilst thousands of other businesses in our sector are closing we’re booming. We’re now more profitable than we have ever been. You have secured our future success and we developing our franchise model.” Lesley Morgan-Wesson, IBI, November 2011 “The bottom line is Katherine is one of the best coaches around. Having been coached myself by Katherine I can honestly say her professionalism and approach to coaching is refreshing and cutting edge. Katherine has the ability to take the complicated and make it simple and provide the challenges and perspective needed to get to the next level. If you are ready to work for change I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine.” Jet Xavier, Step Into Success, Sydney, September 2011 “I kept feeling that I was not using life to its full potential and somehow missing out. I knew I wanted that to change, but had no idea how. As a result of my coaching, I now possess the tools to draw strength and confidence from past experiences. I see the positive outcomes that belief in myself and a positive attitude can bring. I now use it constantly in life from riding my mountain bike, to facing new challenges in business. I truly thank Katherine for facilitating and being so instrumental in the progress I have had. It has been a very joyous and fruitful experience and just the start of a very exciting and fun journey for me!” Tsalina Phang, WanGoDo, Singapore, April 2011 “Katherine I wanted you to know that you changed my life this weekend, the session you coached me had a powerful, emotional impact that came as a huge shock, I was not prepared to show such emotion and I trusted you alot more that I would ever had anticipated. You change my life and I'm very grateful thank-you very much. You are an amazing coach because to most people i'm bullet proof oxox” Natalie Luxford, Training Perfection, Sydney, January 2011 “Dear Katherine, Thank you so much for being a great mentor and coach. You were all things I could ask for as someone to show me who I need to be to ‘step up’ and be a great manager. Wish me luck in my new role!” Emma Dalton, Brisbane, May 2009

Keywords: Confidence, Empowerment, Personal Development, Personal Growth

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