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By: Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd   29-Jun-2011
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We’ve Reinvented Small Business Training!

So what do we give you?




Time- Our Certificate 4 in Small Business Management course takes only five days  then five days to complete the assignment helped by our highly qualified business coach.  Now you don’t have to spend two nights a week for eighteen months away from your family.  You can also start building your dream business much faster. Your time is too precious to waste – get started now.

As our course is ‘COMPACT’ we have minimized the time you spend in the classroom.  There are only TEN sessions in the face to face class and TWELVE in the ONLINE CLASS.


Focus – We don’t have a minimum number in a class. Your class won’t get canceled through lack of numbers. Even small groups can get a start.  In fact we can encourage groups with small numbers so that we can get a better focus on individual business ideas.

Small groups (1-3 businesses) means we can focus on the things YOU need to learn. We focus on increasing the business readiness of your idea. We support your learning by helping you ‘set up’ the business - this includes your business plan ready for finance application and, if you are ready, a basic website.  (Costs of website not included).

We teach information that is SPECIFIC to YOUR business – in fact if you don’t have a business idea to work on we suggest you have a private consult to help work out what you need to do BEFORE you sign on for the course.   That way you will get some REAL value from the training.

Flexibility - we fit in with YOUR timetable.


1.    Student exiting career in the Armed forces was not available on a same day, same time basis.  He booked in, as and when he had free time. Transition training like this prepares the student for immediate business start-up where all the research has been done prior to starting the course.  The course and business plan can be completed in two full weeks for accredited version of the course.  Perfect for personnel exiting the armed forces, police or  others who are changing life courses.  

2.    Students who work full time have elected to do five Saturdays in a row.

3.    Students who work on week- ends and part week have elected to come to class one afternoon a week for ten weeks.


And to make it easy we have given you THREE options based on with the same course, Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.

We have THREE packages - pick the one you want and if you need variations please talk to us.  Each one includes Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.

1. – Online or Face to Face. 
Small Group - Non- Accredited - Ten sessions. (12 online)   No assignments.  Need the information - need it fast - don't want to do assignments or write a business plan?  This one is for you.

2. -
Accredited -  Certificate 4 in Small Business.  Ten teaching sessions plus coaching sessions to complete business plan for assessment. Can be completed in TWO working weeks.

4. -
Includes everything in the Business Preparation Package - add  mentor support that includes one on one coaching and  business plan review and feedback.

And to finalise the package we have a personal coaching session at six months after the course.  It is the ultimate business start-up support package designed for those who are really serious about their business success.   This package is available online or face to face or as a combination.
More information- go to link on each heading.


So what do you learn?

Originate and Develop Concepts (Learn how to crystallise your business idea and develop it into a profitable business)

Business Planning
(Learn how to prepare a professional business plan and use this essential business tool).

Legal Aspects of Set-up (Learn how to choose the right business structure; How to set up a Pty Ltd business; Registration of business name; Your ABN and GST registration.  You need to get this right to protect your business and save tax)

Intellectual Property and General Law (Learn about all aspects of intellectual property including trademark protection and domain registration. Protect your ideas- protect your back)

Researching the Market (Learn how to research your market, document key information and present in a logical format. This module includes  nine simple  laws that that make market analysis easy.)

Financial Planning ( Learn how to set your prices so you  don't go broke. Learn  how to set up your financial forecast including start-up costs, sales forecasts, cash  flow budgets, Profit & Loss analysis, and balance sheets for two years. This is considered  essential money management knowledge for  your successful business- spreadsheets supplied)

Setting up your Marketing Action Plan (Develop your plan for attracting and keeping customers- includes costing of marketing activities as well as timetabling of events to ensure sales targets are reached)

Undertake Marketing Activities
( Learn the basics of website, the basics of writing copy for website or public relations articles, organising content for an advertisement)

Setting up Systems (You cannot ensure ongoing growth or profitability if you don't have systems.  Learn where to put your focus as your business starts to grow.  The connection between Policies and Procedures. Learn basic systems to get your business started. and ensure profit from day one. )

Report on Financial Activities
( Learn the secrets hidden in your  business financial reports.  How to understand and get get value from your accountant. )

What is included in the course cost?

  • Training fast and comprehensive - with the lady who wrote the book.
  • Text Book - 'Starting a Business in Australia' written by Maggie Richardson.
  • All files for business plan including Word Files and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Workbook with space for notes.
  • And we schedule the learning into YOUR timetable.

Why not talk to Maggie today?  Compare timetables and book your start date NOW before all the spaces are booked out – remember we have a limit of three in each group.

Note: Although the training is set up for Start-up businesses it is also relevant to those in the early stages who wish to put together a business plan or even go back to basics. Many people start their businesses and then wonder why the dreamed of success is not happening.  What did you miss along the way? It’s never too late to do our training.

For existing business owners this is the cheapes way to get your business plan done.   Book Now.

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