Martial Arts Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Centre

Martial Arts Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Centre from Wushu Academy

By: Wushu Academy  26-Feb-2014
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The world of Chinese Martial Arts is as limitless as the sky. Our mission is to improve every aspect of your life by sharing this beautiful journey filled with its amazing philosophies, wisdom, practicalities & uniqueness. In doing so Wushu Academy provides an atmosphere of support & fun to encourage students develop self-discipline & self-respect. Students are empowered with skills that they learn to apply in every aspect of their lives. At Wu Shu Academy you learn both modern & authentic Kung Fu (correct terminology Wu Shu) that are a number of fighting styles up to 5000 years old. These fighting styles include physical exercises involving animal mimicry, or training methods inspired by Chinese philosophies, religions & legends. Styles that focus on Qi (vital energy) manipulation are called "Internal", while others that concentrate on improving muscle & cardiovascular fitness are called external.

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Kids Kung Fu

Kids Kung Fu Classes - Encourage your child’s health, skills and safety through the Wu Shu Academy’s self defence classes for children. Through our exclusive children’s programs, our primary goal is to develop the entire individual by inspiring a strong sense of self discipline & respect. We accomplish this goal by keeping the classes as enjoyable as possible while exposing the children to activities that will prepare them for the future challenges of the art...

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Adults Kung Fu

Classes include a combination of ‘Northern and Southern Fist’ authentic Kung Fu with internal and external benefits. Internal style classes can include ‘Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Ba Gua’, where external style includes equal emphasis on developing upper and lower body techniques. Students soon begin to see traditional forms taught at Wu Shu Academy are rich resources of defence and attack strategies. During early stages of our attack-defend workouts students begin to develop the ability to defend