Services for Low Level Aerial Photography Sydney

By: Skyshots  09-Dec-2011
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Compare this photograph taken from an aircraft at 1000ft with that of the tethered blimp.


Imagine capturing the breath-taking views of the proposed 10th floor penthouse even before construction has begun. Finally, the developer has an alternative to the expensive "artist's impression" to attract prospective purchasers as the SkyShots camera is lifted to the correct level and a series of impressive shots are taken.


The SkyShots aerial technique captures the full vista of property and grounds and provides unusual perspectives that will accentuate the best features and allow the property to stand out from the crowd - a new and impressive perspective of residential and commercial property which will attract customers and increase sales. Display your property in the context of its surrounds.


Construction projects like housing estates and high rise developments often require progress reports at regular intervals. Skyshots provides an affordable solution that enables project managers to track and report on the progress of their construction visually which can reveal far more than conventional photography techniques.


Oblique views of bridges, over passes, road crossings, rail crossings - any thoroughfare that needs an aerial view.


Building sites, quarries, land fills, tips, inlets, rivers - any open area that needs to be photographed from the air. Boundary lines and measurements can be superimposed later for presentation purposes.


Expansive aerial views of country clubs, golf courses, retirement villages, hotels, motels, resorts, licensed clubs - all shown at their best in sharp focus and full rich colour.


Sporting events, parades, outdoor exhibitions, marches, rallies - all captured from the unique SkyShots perspective.


Impressive results are no longer hindered by restrictive prices or technical difficulties in attaining an aerial view. Creative marketing ideas can now be effectively implemented well below budget.


Large group photographs like end of year school leavers or weddings can now be recorded from the air.


Whether you are planning to sell or just proud of it why not capture your proudest possession in a unique format that is sure to impress.


  • Using SkyTower or booms we can achieve the aerial perspective when using the blimp is not practical or necessary.
  • Take photography from the water. The blimp may be towed from a boat.
  • Aerial photography from fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
  • If you need a plan view of your site or project, we have an aircraft with a camera hole in the floor so that we can take truly vertical digital photography.


  • Provide a fast quality service and ensure that deadlines are met.
  • We can join photographs together to form a wide panorama.
  • Photographic enhancement and manipulation. We can enhance the images to remove haze on the horizon or garbage bins in the back yard.
  • Digital images can be provided "print ready"
  • Quality prints can be produced on photo quality paper. These can vary in size from postcard size to banners. Prints can also be produced on many other materials as required.

Keywords: Advertising, Aerial Photography, Blimp, Photography, Real Estate