Crucial Conversations

By: People Development Australia  18-May-2011
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Crucial Conversations

Is there a ng a high performing, productive and happy team? ItI am often asked when training or consulting.

Unfortunately the short answer is no. A great team has a combination of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, relevant skills and abilities, and a high level of trust. The team would be productive, devoid of interpersonal conflict and infighting, would have functional interactions with others, and would successfully accomplish tasks and goals.

Integral to these elements is the ability to communicate effectively. Obviously not all communication is agreeable, and it is the skill to turn conflicting approaches into constructive dialogue that creates a great team.

As a result, tough issues will require crucial conversations. In the book Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler (McGraw Hill, 2002), the authors note that a casual conversation can become crucial quickly and often surprisingly. They define a crucial conversation as a discussion between two or more people where:

1. the stakes are high

2. opinions vary

3. emotions run strong

Unfortunately, it's human nature to back away from discussions we fear will hurt us or make things worse. We can be masters of avoiding these tough conversations. On the flip side we may take an aggressive approach that can cause more harm than good.

The authors identify their

This book also presents exercises to help you keep a cool head, communicate clearly and get things done, despite our evolutionary tendency to fight or flight. Read more


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In our June editorial I will explore the issue of trust and review Stephen M.R. CoveyThe Speed of Trust

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