Kids Karate Classes - Junior Warriors 5-12yrs

Kids Karate Classes - Junior Warriors 5-12yrs from Hawkesbury Karate

By: Hawkesbury Karate  18-Oct-2013
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KIDS KARATE CLASSES - JUNIOR WARRIORS 5-12yrs We offer specific tailored classes for children aged 5-12 years and children are welcome to start at any time. The classes run for 60 minutes and have a combination of general exercises, tuition in strikes, blocks and kicks, kata (pre determined pattern of strikes, blocks and stances) non contact kumite (sparring) and skill based games. Karate has many advantages for children in addition to the obvious benefits of fitness and learning to defend themselves. The classes are well structured and as the Karate syllabus is taught in a fun and engaging way the children increase their concentration, focus and attention to detail in their efforts to constantly improve. As the children increase their Karate skills and become proficient in non contact sparring then they progress in a controlled way with the introduction of sparring with contact. This separates Kyokushin Karate from many other non contact and sport styles of karate and martial arts. The learning of correct execution of strikes and blocks in contact situations takes their Karate skills to a higher level and makes their skills transferable to 'real world' self defence situations. It also teaches a greater level of discipline and respect for themselves and others as the children progress in achieving their goals of attaining their next coloured belt. Children learn to control their emotions and learn there is no place for anger in self defence situations or karate while gaining confidence they can realistically apply their learned skills. A variety of non contact tournaments at local, state and national levels are available in addition to individual and team kata competitions. Full contact tournaments (with protective equipment worn) are only available for 16-18 year olds. Other major benefits include; - Positive self image - Character development - Courtesy and respect - Anger management - Culture of setting and achieving goals - Developing leadership skills by participation in aspects of the class. Children can attend class in general sport/activity style clothes prior to a karate uniform (Gi) being purchased. Sessions are conducted by an accredited Shodan Black Belt instructor who commenced Kyokushin training in 2001 and martial arts generally in 1997. Classes are held in a fully equipped martial arts facility within the No Limits Gym, 324 Windsor Street, Richmond, NSW 2753.

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