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Adult & Teen Karate Classes from Hawkesbury Karate

By: Hawkesbury Karate  18-Oct-2013
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WHO WE ARE... We are a member of one of the largest martial arts organisations in the world. called the International Karate Organisation (IKO) Matsushima in Japan. We are also a member of the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association (AKKA). Kyokushin is internationally referred to as the 'strongest karate'. WHAT WE OFFER... We teach a practical full contact style of karate that offers many benefits to people of all ages. Classes consist of general fitness, instruction in strikes, blocks and kicks. Combinations of these techniques utilising bags/pads and practical applications in kumite (sparring) and kata. ADULT & TEEN CLASSES... We believe it is important to offer classes specifically for adults and teenagers so the delivery and style of the class is more beneficial. Classes are conducted in a fully equipped martial arts facility allowing a variety of approaches to teaching to be made and giving confidence to people as they learn in a safe and friendly environment. Kyokushin Karate is renowned for it's real world application of skills learned and physical fitness standards attained during the path from beginner to Black Belt. This has earned Kyokushin the international reputation of being the 'Strongest Karate'. A Black Belt is simply a white belt who never gave up. Classes are always varied to maintain interest and motivation. They will generally consist of aspects of general fitness, practice of striking, blocking and kicking techniques, combinations of these techniques, bag and pad workouts, kata (pre determined series of strikes/blocks and kicks in stances) and kumite (sparring). Training intensity is controlled depending upon an individuals' ability however the focus is always on improving technique and fitness standards beyond what you would reach if relying on self motivation. As skills improve, progression is made in a controlled way to the introduction of sparring with contact. This separates Kyokushin Karate from many other non contact and sport styles of Karate and martial arts. The learning of correct execution of strikes and blocks in contact situations takes Karate skills to a higher level and enables learned skills to be used in real world situations. It also teaches a greater level of discipline and respect for others. Emotions are learnt to be controlled and an appreciation that there is no place for anger in self defence situations or Karate will be obtained. Confidence will also drastically improve as belief that a person can realistically apply their learned skills in a self defence situation will be achieved. Kyokushin Karate is enjoyed by males and females of all ages and so long as you are willing, there is no age limit for getting started. Students have available to them full contact or non contact tournaments at regional, state, national and international levels. We know you will benefit in many ways from joining us and we will help you push yourself to reach your fitness and Karate goals as you walk away from each class with a smile knowing you have achieved something and feeling better about yourself. Feel free to come along in general sports/activity style clothes before buying a karate uniform (Gi).

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FREE 1st Class - From $10 per class. Kyokushin Karate - a practical full contact style of karate that offers many benefits to people of all ages. Approachable, friendly & experienced instruction to benefit fitness, self defence skills, weight loss & tone