Psychic Readings & Life Coaching

By: The Inner Sage Australia  22-Dec-2013
Keywords: Life Coaching, Psychic Readings, Energy Healing

At The Inner Sage our aim is to give our clients information, tools and/or techniques which empowers them to make positive changes so they have the confidence, and support, to take action towards what they desire to manifest and live their potential, purpose and aspirations. Our services including giving our clients messages from the Spirit world as well as helping them clarify and define what they want to achieve then aligning them with their internal guidance system to their purpose. We can also assist in uncovering what is subconsciously (and consciously) sabotaging them from achieving that, and holding them back for attaining what they want. All the time drawing upon your inner wisdom which often gets silenced by the negativity within or around. Using spirit guidance, intuitive life coaching and NLP techniques together we work to remove these impediments as well as formulate actions for our clients to move forward in their life. Our business name and logo are symbolic of our principles, which we are guided by when working with our clients. We believe you and your Spirit guides hold profound wisdom. Sage by definition of the Macquarie Concise Dictionary is: (1) a profoundly wise person; someone famed for wisdom (2) a perennial plant. As to Sage being a plant which is used in flower therapy to assist in finding purpose & clarity. The techniques used at The Inner Sage are: Psychic Insight (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience) Life Coaching NLP Intuitive Guidance Traditional Management Principles Reiki / Energy Healing As with the lighthouse (our logo) it is not our role to captain the ship (you), rather than to guide the "ship" from potential hazards as well as highlight alternative courses to reach the desired destination.

Keywords: Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Psychic Medium, Psychic Readings, Tarot Reading

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