Energy Healing

By: The Inner Sage Australia  20-Feb-2011
Keywords: Spiritual Healing, Energy / Sharmanic Healing

Reiki / Energy Healing is an ancient hands on healing technique that subtly helpts rejuvenate and align our energy levels reinstating balance, harmony and stability.

It is very similar to massage, yet whereas massage manipulates the body with physical pressure, Reiki "massages" the body with energy.

The work Reiki is created from two Japanese words, "Rei" meaning universal, spiritual knowledge and "Ki" meaning life force, energy.  Essentially Reiki is the giving of universal life force energy.

When we are stressed, tired, emotional, ill or in pain, our energy levels decrease and our put out of balance, which may transfer to our physical body.  Reiki helps restore the balance in our energy yet too helps us release those things we no longer need.  It can also assist in manifesting our goals & purpose.

Reikie has been known to alleviate pain, release stress & assist with general well-being.  The success of the treatment is dependant on the openness & acceptance of the individual.  Reiki is not a substitute for medical adivce, yet can be used in conjunction to assist the healing process.

Keywords: Energy / Sharmanic Healing, Spiritual Healing,

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