Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training from CERTIFIED LAUGHTER LEADER TRAINING

Keywords: Laughter Therapy, Laughter Club, Laughter Workshop

An incredibly fun, mind blowing training packed with lots of research and scientific facts about the mind and laughter. This training is all about you - beginning with an awareness of how you react to life's stressful situations then investigating how you can retrain your brain to respond, rather than react. We'll also look at how to keep yourself motivated. A range of techniques that are simple and easy for you to learn and for you to teach others, will be explored. There'll be ample opportunity to practise leading different sections of a laughter session, so that you feel empowered, well equipped and enthused. Bonus learning materials. Lots of tips and tools. Do this for yourself and experience a blast of positivity and vitality. Do this for others and experience an amazing connection to your own power and potential. Be a force for optimism. Contact me now for a training near you!

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