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By: Birth Marriage & Death Certificate Service  02-Mar-2011
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Julie Sweet Proprietor of www.certificatesonline.com.au   Sydney 2nd March 2011
WHAT’S IN A NAME?   There are domain names, dot-nets, dot-coms, with dot just about everything else, not to mention business names, company names, trademarks and then there are aliases and YOU.  

Thousands of people for various reasons change their names every year throughout Australia and many more want to change, yet never get started because they don’t know how. 

In Australia you can no longer change your name by deed poll at a Land Titles Office, so how would you change your name legally if you divorced, re-married, needed to renew your passport, or had a different name on your Birth Certificate to what you are now known as, or even wanted to get rid of your estranged family name? 

Most State/Territory Governments in Australia now assume the responsibilities of maintaining the administrative side of legally recognised changes of name. For example in New South Wales, the Births Deaths & Marriages Registration Act 1995, provides for registering all changes of Name in that State through the Registry administering this Act. However the NSW Sydney Registry advises phone applicants, that to arrange an appointment for a change of name, a time needs to be booked ahead of approximately two weeks.    

Julie Sweet of Certificatesonline who operates a 24 hour 7 day a week private service, for urgently changing your name legally, as an applicants authorised Agent at Registries across Australia, says “I have had people that are musicians change their name awaiting discovery and fame, with a new name that everybody will remember.”  

When Julie was asked about other reasons people wish to change their name, she says “one of the biggest growth areas is where people for religious purposes change their surname and additionally their first name to obtain employment opportunities. This is often viewed as a sad fact in society, however it exists whether we like it or not.”  

Julie added, “I have an increasing number of people seeking a fresh start, others having taken an AVO out against a violent ex-partner who prefer the confidential service provided in the privacy of our office. “  

Recently a raft of stringent new controls for some change of name applicants born in NSW, or residents of NSW, has been introduced to combat fraud or criminality intentions and especially to avoid the likelihood of identify theft. Consequently some applicants when confronted with the red tape and new Identification criteria, become irritated and frustrated at what they believe are new draconian rules. 

Julie says that she and her team carefully explain the new requirements to people and assist clients with the paper trail, arranging for them to attend the office, to walk them through the process, then providing a Justice of the Peace or Solicitor (free of charge) to certify and affirm a Statutory Declaration under the Oaths Act, to satisfy the State authorities. On an urgent basis, a change of Name Certificate can be available within 48 hours.  

So when there is a change in your life and your thinking of changing your name legally, call Certificatesonline on 1300 CHANGE for an immediate appointment. There are no waiting delays with Certificatesonline, who efficiently speed you through the process with ease.
People and criminals with shady pasts need not apply.  

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