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By: Furnished Properties  09-Dec-2011
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Twitter and Facebook gather most of the readership, but if you think about it, that really doesn’t matter. Those social network sites get a larger readership because they appeal to a broader crowd, they take less time to read. They’re the side dish of the web content world. When you sit down for a burger and fries, you eat twenty, thirty fries, but you only eat one burger: Twitter and Facebook are the fries, blogs are the burger.

Likewise, you see more television commercials during an hour of TV than you do shows. You see more personal ads in the paper than you do stories. Just because something is greater in volume doesn’t mean that it’s any more relevant.

Twitter and Facebook compete with bloggers who post short, personal updates on Livejournal and Blogspot because they haven’t heard of Twitter and Facebook. For a real blogger, someone writing a travel blog, for instance, Facebook and Twitter can be a huge help in spreading the word.

140 characters can’t carry much information. 140 characters can’t tell readers what parts of Hong Kong to avoid at night, where the best restaurants in Paris are, or how to get through customs quickly in Europe. People who are travelling need solid, hard, in-depth information, and they’re not getting it from Facebook and Twitter.

When they’re on the plane or waiting at the airport, they may be checking their Facebook page, but when they sit down in the hotel and start wondering where they can go for a cheap lunch, they’re going to be checking with the travel bloggers.

Keywords: Personal Ads

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