BioGlow releases New skincare range

BioGlow releases New skincare range from Colostrum MAX

By: Colostrum MAX  16-Jan-2014
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It is a common misconception that damaged, dry or oily skin is a life sentence. This is only true if you keep buying products that simply disguise them. They are simply conditions of an unbalanced skin. The body is capable of achieving a balanced and vibrant state if given the right tools for the skin cells to repair and renew. Bio-Glow's RegenAssist range of skin treatments have normalizing routines, using the products as per the Normal Routine and use, and simply increasing the frequency of the Intense Therapy Mask over a three week period. As RegenAssist is part of a Holistic program, we strongly recommend you incorporate the corresponding nutritional recommendations when embarking on any normalizing program. A healthy skin looks and feels beautiful. Anything less is a skin that has not reached its potential. For that reason, we do not have skin treatment or skin repair products aimed at specific skin types, our product suite all skin types. Anything other than normal and balanced is skin that is less than healthy. And our objective is to support the natural correction of that state, not the disguising of it. Bioglow's RegenAssist Skin Treatment products are designed to help you realize that potential and achieve the skin you want, not perpetuate the skin type you have. The skin treatment and skin repair products are designed to work as a system, with each product performing a multitude of tasks with unique peptide technology and exclusive formulated delivery system. Learn how to use them properly, and let the Nature we built into them do the rest. From the very first application, you will see an immediate change, as your body responds to the positive influence of "RegenAssist" Nature’s greatest gift to skin.

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