The importance of Medics and Drug Tests

The importance of Medics and Drug Tests from Paramedical

By: Paramedical  24-Apr-2013
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Health care industry has expanded enormously. This has supported the importance of health care professionals. One of the most demanded careers in the field is medical assisting. The cost of health care has directly affected the demand for medical assistants as most of the physicians and hospital rely on their quality services. There are various administrative and clinical tasks that a medic performs. Numerous factors like size, location and specific practice of doctor determines the duties. As Per US Bureau of Labour Statistics, this profession enjoys fastest growth rate and by 2016, the employment opportunities in this field will increase by 35%. Due to the reason that medical assistants are trained professionals, they provide essential services which help doctors in various fields to carry out their work efficiently and provide patients an esteemed service and care. To become a certified medical assistant, it is important to enroll in a professional training program that is offered by a reputed and accredited institute. This program will help you learn all the necessary skills that you will require in your medical assisting career. All institutes have structured courses designed for training students in the field but courses may vary from institute to institute. The trainings are usually conducted at classrooms or clinical set ups so that the students are allowed to use their skills and gain more knowledge. The final grades then depend on how the students perform on their externship and once finalized, the students appear for a certification exam. After completion of the exams, the certificates are handed over to the passing students making them eligible to practice as a medic. Another popular issue that is much debated nowadays is drug & alcohol testing. In view, a few governments have already made it obligatory for people to pass these tests prior to different situations like acquiring drivers license or getting jobs. Although, alcohol is a substance that is legal in many western countries, there still are certain rules that must be strictly followed when it comes to the blood alcohol content while driving on the roads. Authorities clearly prohibit from driving or performing safety sensitive functions while high on alcohol or other illicit drugs. There are also several cases with the rising number of misconduct in schools and increase in violence on the streets due to drugs or alcohol abuse. Conducting drug tests will ensure screening of those who are in need of rehabilitation process. Moreover, conducting such tests at schools and companies will help to make these places safer. These tests are an efficient way of reducing disturbances and rampages that may be directly or indirectly associated with the addiction to alcohol or drugs. Many modern techniques are available for authorities to perform Alcohol and Drug Tests. Most popular ones are saliva testing and breath-testing which are commonly used on roads. Hair samples can also be used to test for alcohol and this method is becoming popular with the passage of time. Similarly, these tests can also be used in identifying the presence or absence of illicit drugs within the body. For more information please visit:

Keywords: Drug & Alcolol Testing, Medic, Paramedic, Work Place Injury,

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