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By: Paramedical  21-Feb-2013
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Paramedics are healthcare professionals dealing with emergency medical situations. In case of emergencies or casualty the paramedics provide advanced levels of care for medical emergencies and trauma. Paramedics are required to be present on the spot in the case of an emergency situation. This requires ease of transportation. Therefore paramedics are majorly based in field of the ambulances, emergency response vehicles, special mobile units etc. These vehicles are well equipped to handle any possible case of emergency, until the patient is transported to the nearby hospital. Paramedics moreover provide on emergency or off emergency services. The medics could be medical students, or physician etc. These medics are well trained professionals. Paramedical services provide patient transport by qualified professional staff. The staff is well equipped and skilled. Some of the skills include ECG monitoring and interpretation, defibrillation, intubations, cannulation and the utilisation of a range of first line emergency drugs. Transport s provided from on-spot emergency to hospitals, inter-hospital transfers. This provides services to the patients as well as the hospitals. These services are also provided to the organizations that require injured worker follow up, airport transfers and more. Paramedical services, is not only beneficial to patients, hospitals and organizations but also to spread this medical support through professional training corporate, industrial and community organizations. Areas that are focused on while training are: first aid, advanced resuscitation, rescue medical technician and defibrillation applications. For training work related scenarios are created to demonstrate any problems that could possibly occur in work places, home etc and the possible solutions and steps to control and handle the incidents. Moreover Paramedic services, specialises in providing their staff and vehicles for sports or recreational events at clubs, state, national and international levels. Events as such require quick services because happening incidents could be hazardous and any delay would cause fatal loss. To avoid any fatal loss, Paramedic services ensures the best staff services to be provided, be it a highly qualified panel of emergency physicians or to provide a mobile medical centre where needed. However the Paramedic services are not limited to this, they provide work injury response (WIRS). This service avoids any loss of lives to the organization, which can put the organization’s reputation on stake. In case of any incident a team of professional and qualified paramedics is sent to the spot to assess the injury and report it, stabilise the worker and transport the worker to the preferred medical supplier. Paramedical services, has developed a network of Medical Centres and Private hospitals. The staff is focused, oriented and well trained towards any severe incidents and emergencies possible. For more details you can visit:

Keywords: First Aid Courses, First Aid Training, Patient Transport

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An Inspiration from a life Saviour

There are always some events that change the way you think or perceive about a certain thing. I could not understand the job and status of a paramedic until recently I saw a situation that made me think about the importance of the skill they have.