Purchasing your first instrument advice

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We receive a lot of enquiries from parents of new students who require information on how to choose the correct instrument for the new student.  Many are first time students, and first time parents faced with choosing from the many hundreds of options.  As we know, there is a difference between inexpensive and cheap, and a difference between a bargain and a waste of money.  Many cheaper instruments are made from inexpensive materials that do not last, or are not correctly made making it almost impossible for the student to play.  Many imported cheaper guitars for example, have timbers so fragile they are almost paper thin and break very easily.  At our site we have added a page with this basic information with student packages (guitar packs vary, some include straps, picks and choice of colours, electric guitar packs include amp, straps etc)
Differing aged guitar students require different sized guitars.
There is also advice on pianos, keyboards and bass for the NEW, first time student and contact details for retailers that we know will offer the correct advice for other purchases.
Our site does not sell instruments.  This page is for information purposes only.

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