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By: SCRAP CAR SYDNEY  18-Mar-2013
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Cash Scrap Cars is an establish organisation operating over a decade in car recycling in Sydney. We buy damaged, unwanted and dead cars of any model, any make and any condition to recycle them in an environmentally friendly recycling process. We adhere to the recycling laws and have the relevant permits to process your unwanted cars ethically. Our well trained staffs are experienced in ethical recycling processes together with air-conditioning de-gassing, used oil disposal, scrap metal including ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling etc. We endeavour to identify, process and reuse auto-parts when feasible thereby saving energy on manufacturing similar parts. After removing reusable parts, the fluids in the vehicle are drained and handed over to liquid waste handling agencies and then the hazardous elements like the batteries are removed. Finally after thorough inspection by our handlers, the remaining metal parts are crushed and recycled. We assure that your car will be inspected, removed and recycled by the best people and processes in the industry in an environmentally friendly way.

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