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By: horsefabulous-Speed Silks® Asia/Pacific  05-Apr-2016
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Speed Silks®, is the revolutionary, jockey racewear that actively reduces the rider’s aerodynamic drag. Speed Silks products are made entirely with Aero Dimplex®, a patented fabric that’s uniquely textured to reduce drag. It’s dimpled like a golf ball, and that texture is what actively reduces drag caused by wind resistance. Speed Silks are unlike any gear you’ve ever worn. Every aspect of their design and manufacture was chosen to reduce a jockey’s aerodynamic drag. Speed Silks are form-fitting,comfortable and hygienic. Aero Dimplex fabric is highly bi-elastic and lightweight and the only textile used in horse racing colors manufacture with SPF (to a factor of 40 UV) built right into the fabric. Aero Dimplex fabric is fully hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t absorb water. Speed Silks are made entirely from Aero Dimplex, the only purpose-made sporting competition textile used in the manufacture of horse racing colors. Speed Silks colors and helmet covers, with the open knit multi-layer structure of Aero Dimplex, are the only purpose-made horse racing colors specifically designed to breathe and wick (transfer) moisture (sweat) from the inside to the outside of the garment where it can then dissipate through evaporation. Speed Silks stay consistent and stable when worn and are therefore unequalled where minimal distortion to the dynamics of colors, patterns, logos and symbols is desired. Speed Silks helmet covers are the only helmet covers made of an ultra-lightweight single layer construction to promote maximum air movement over and through the air vents in the helmet. A jockey’s colors and pants make a lot of noise during a race. That noise is his clothing flapping in the wind. Every single flap pulls backwards on the jockey, and therefore, the horse. We call it the “kite tail effect.” The tail of a kite is designed to create drag and pull the bottom of the kite in a specific direction. That’ good for a kite, but bad for a racehorse. Speed Silks are form-fitting, eliminating the folds of fabric that catch the wind. They’re also made with as few seams as possible, because more seams mean more weight and more places where the air can catch and pull.

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Speed Silks®

Speed Silks®, edgy, advanced state-of-the-art technology racing colors for owners, trainers and jockeys involved in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry seeking a speed edge in a speed-vital sport.