Lodge BAS in a flash!-SBR lodgement solution for MYOB and Reckon users

By: GovReports  07-Jun-2012
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SBR lodgement solution for MYOB and Reckon users Over 1.5 million businesses in Australia are using MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks accounting software to prepare statutory reports like BAS and lodging to ATO via various channels. Realising the lodgement process is so cumbersome, Government introducing SBR channel to reduce the burden of the businesses. GovReports, an online SBR lodgement portal service allows the businesses, accountants and tax practitioners to lodge MYOB and or Reckon BAS Reports in a flash via SBR channel. Since the inception of Standard Business Reporting (SBR) in July 2010, Tax file number declaration [TFND] and Activity statements [IAS/BAS] are the pioneer reports accepted by Australian Taxation Office [ATO] via SBR channel. Activity statements need to be lodged and paid by the reporting businesses on due dates mentioned in the BAS form. The ATO offers 3 Online BAS lodgement methods: • Standard Business Reporting via SBR enabled software • ATO portals for businesses and registered agents • Electronic Commerce Interface [ECI] To encourage the online lodgement, ATO extends due date of electronic lodgement of BAS for the businesses and registered agent services. For instance, the BAS due for lodgement on 30th April 2012 can be lodged online via one of the above methods without penalty up to 26th May 2012 by a registered agent. ATO levies penalty of $110 for every 30 days of lapse for small businesses, which can go up to $550. Lodging BAS via ATO Business portals or ECI, requires installation of the software before using the computer for the BAS lodgement. As 'time-out' apply when sign in with ATO portals, the hesitation on the BAS figures or slow system or network traffic will sign-out the user to restart their session. Sometimes, this means employing a full time BAS/Tax agent for lodgement during peak lodgement season to submit BAS reports. Specifically for tax practitioners, as there are more lodgements to submit for more than one client, the frustration can be to the point, many have turned back to traditional way of lodging by filling out the paper form and send mail to ATO. The fast and easiest method is to lodge through SBR enabled software. The necessity of re-keying data is not there when compared with other two methods. The issue here is the necessity of SBR enabled software requirement - the accounting or payroll software that is used by the business should have the SBR capability. So, the business has no other choice but to wait for the software providers to come out with SBR functionality to get the benefit of due date extension. The concept of being able to lodge anywhere, anytime with an instant receipt of lodgement directly from ATO has now just got easier with the ability to upload the file and lodge. Specifically for MYOB, Reckon and Quickbooks users, FREE BAS lodgement facility via GovReports has the options to upload either: • BAS link file - MYOB or • XML backup file - Reckon QuickBooks The Activity Statement will come out with pre-fill information from ATO and fills-in data from MYOB and Reckon files and enabling BAS to be lodged in a flash. "Many of our users feedback has been very positive including:- 'is that all I have to do?', 'Wow, that is quick and simple', 'love it...... " Tiana Tran of GovReports commented. MYOB has yet to be plugged into SBR functionality. Based on the suggestions and demands by MYOB users, GovReports integrated with MYOB to enable BAS to be lodged without the need to re-enter the data. This makes the MYOB generated reports gets the status of SBR capability and gains up to four weeks extension from the due dates. Reckon has their own SBR lodgement facility via Govconnect, however with the popular request from users to provide tax practitioners a single window reporting solutions, GovReports now provides the facility for users to upload the Reckon xml back up BAS file to submit to ATO. Some of the useful features of GovReports are: The GovReports SAVE option feature, adds value for the users to store their work in progress as a draft for future completion or for future bulk lodgement if there is more than one form to be lodged. GovReports has multi users capability to enable the tax practitioners to delegate tasks to other staff i.e. accounts clerk to prepare BAS and upload onto GovReports. Also, the BAS lodging agents can get the BAS declaration signed by their clients by emailing the BAS SAVED and READY for lodgement from GovReports itself. Saved files can be viewed, edited and pre-lodged before the actual lodgement could take place. A response will be sent by ATO upon lodgement which can be forwarded to the business for viewing, filing and payment, if needed. Obligation to keep record for 5 years and the option to view history of lodgements in GovReports certainly is a benefit of a paperless office and making compliance easier in case of an audit. GovReports offer of FREE BAS lodgement service will support MYOB/Reckon users to lodge in a flash, saving business time and money. Tiana Tran of GovReports added "We are gaining remarkable momentum in terms of lodgement with MYOB and Reckon integration and most of our users sending appreciation note to GovReports, while requests from Xero users are continuously coming. We consider integrating with more accounting software, so that the benefits of SBR usage reach the doorsteps of more businesses".

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