How to calculate GST?

By: AA Bookkeepers  22-Feb-2013
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In this article we will show you how to calculate GST from total in Australia & how to calculate GST to total by the use of our GST calculator.This calculator is prepared for use in Australia only. GST calculator has been specifically prepared for you to check how much GST is needed to be added to an invoice whether the invoice total is inclusive of GST or exclusive of GST. Calculating GST has never been easy and you can always comeback and enter a few numbers and get the GST amounts. Lots of small businesses struggle with GST and often ask me how to calculate GST in Australia. For this reason I have come up with this simple calculator which will give you the GST figure which you require. In the following calculator you will see 2 GST calculators. The GST Calculator one is for you to enter the amount for which GST will be calculated and then then the total is added for the final invoice figure. The GST calculator two is the calculator at the bottom of the first one. In this calculator enter the amount at the total cell which is inclusive of GST. Then the calculator will show the GST amount and amount exclusive of GST. Simple? Try Now! Or call us for further help. Now you do not have to ask again how do i calculate GST. For Calculator: Please visit

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