Lose weight with hypnosis the natural way

Lose weight with hypnosis the natural way from Maree West-Hypnosis-Relaxation

By: Maree West-Hypnosis-Relaxation  29-Jan-2013
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Discover the natural way to lose weight through hypnosis, it can help you change The way you look at food and eating. With relaxation and deep breathing And visualization; you learn to train your unconscious mind to positive thinking And eating; When you’re relaxed; your mind is open to suggestions to believe the positive words You hear. Repetitive positive affirmations helps your mind to replace negative believes To positive ones! Present the mind with the positive thoughts and allow these thoughts to become personal. These thoughts become our belief system. Our conscious behaviours… And we start to make progress towards our most desired goals. Hypnosis is a treatment. It all depends on the individuals of how many sessions needed. You may see changes, small changes right away; but in the long term change comes from the unconscious mind. Really letting the new ideas suggested to you to sink right in and become automatic like “second nature”. The more you do it, better the results. Weekly sessions are affective to get into a positive state of mind. Breaking the cycle of negative eating And reducing food cravings and addictions; And emotional eating issues and eating! Especially when stress levels are high! Hypnosis can help you succeed your goals. All you need to do is believe it and start now… Incorporating hypnosis with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise will tremendously help you 100% of the time to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. This also will make you feel fantastic within yourself. Hypnosis can motivate you to exercise regularly and make you feel good. And make you smile. And actually have fun. Find the fun in exercise…Do the things you like….Walking the dog…Gardening…Yoga. Dancing…Swimming… It doesn’t have to be serious gym training. But if that’s what you like to do, go for it. Make sure you exercise regularly! Enjoy the pleasure in the activity; It’s a great way for stress relief as well. Your unconscious mind processes information about 220 THOUSAND TIMES FASTER than your conscious mind So the trick is to train your unconscious mind to “Want” to eat healthy foods. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you automatically had the behaviours of a thin person? So you get the same satisfaction for your cravings by eating fresh vegetables and fruit. As you used to get when eating A big piece of chocolate cake; Hypnosis is helping people to lose weight. Start today you deserve it! Yes you can do it….Now… You’re worth it…

Keywords: Hypnosis By Maree West Facebook, Maree West Hypnosis, Maree West Hypnosis Facebook,

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