By: Find Your Perfect Career  22-Jun-2011
Keywords: Career Direction


I felt lost career wise and that I was wasting my time with any type of job. I needed help with the direction of what and how to choose a career. Kelly was so motivational and in our meetings we could still have a laugh and chat while working towards my goal. This has been a fantastic investment to my future and I have learnt so much about myself through Kelly's help.

I was working in a job I hated. I am now feeling more positive and structured with where I am moving towards my goals. I have decided on a career path (both for the short and long term!) I feel so much more confident for my future. I am now able to make better decisions for me and have the self confidence to do things without regrets."


Keywords: Career Direction

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I have more to look forward to and appreciate every opportunity that is presented to me. I feel great that I have so much more clarity.