Quadbikes in Federal Government Sights for Safety

By: safe4all  13-Sep-2012
Keywords: Occupational Health, Risk Assessment, Safety Training

The Australian Federal Government has in its sights, ways to improve quad bike design and engineering controls, not just training and personal protective equipment (PPE). Last week the Government released a Discussion Paper “Review of design and engineering controls for improving quad bike safety”. The paper says "72 Australians have died in work-related quad bike incidents since 2001". The Government is seeking comments from stakeholders on design and/or engineering solutions to • minimise the capacity of children to start and/or operate quad bikes • minimise the capacity of a quad bike to carry passengers • improve quad bike stability and safety • improve operator protection in the event of a rollover The paper applies the 'hierarchy of controls' to quad bike safety and says "design and engineering solutions are more effective in controlling risks than training and PPE". “The behavioural factors associated with training (skills development) and personal protective equipment (use of helmets) mean they are subject to human behaviour and are less effective as interventions,” the paper says “Focusing on engineering solutions that design out or reduce risk is more effective because engineering controls are designed to protect operators irrespective of human behaviour.” Engineers, manufacturers, quad bike users and representative agencies, safety managers, community groups, unions, injury prevention specialists, and commonwealth, state and territory regulators, departments and agencies are being asked to provide feedback. Submissions are due on 28 September. Weblink & Paper - http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sites/SWA/IndustryInformation/AgricultureForestryAndFishing/quad-watch/Documents/Discussion-paper-PC/Discussion-Paper/Discussion_paper_quad_bike_safety.pdf

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