Bituminous (Asphalt) roofing tiles (Shingles)

Bituminous (Asphalt) roofing tiles (Shingles) from NewGen Builman Pty. Ltd.

By: NewGen Builman Pty. Ltd.  23-Nov-2012
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High-performance SBS modified roofing shingles Kerabit roofing shingles utilizes innovative technology to improve shingles performance with less weight. Kerabit shingles is produced without sand to avoid any purposeless weight to the product. Kerabit shingles utilizes the advances of HDPE film on back side. In addition all Kerabit roofing shingles is made of modified SBS bitumen which gives them the superior durability and flexibility. WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS AND SHAPES √ Different designs and colors, among which you can select the most appropriate for your project. A PRODUCT FOR EVERY EXTREME CLIMATE √ Resistant to freezing conditions (tested at – 70°C) √ Resistant to high temperatures (tested at + 90°C) √ Resistant to strong winds, turbines, with the smallest air resistance ( better aerodynamics) √ Totally unaffected by snow. √ Not affected by air pollution √ Resistant to sudden temperature changes √ Resistant to heavy rain, totally waterproof, zero absorbance. √ There have never been problems from hail noticed ever. IT CAN BE USED SUCCESSFULLY ON ANY ROOF SHAPE √ It fits in all architectural requirements regardless of the complexity of the surfaces. COLOURS THAT DO NOT FADE OVER TIME √ The granules are made of basalt, a material which does not absorb water and it is therefore not affected. √ The granules are dyed in a tile making process that is carried out at above 650°C. The inorganic pigments used to dye the granules are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. LIGHTWEIGHT ROOFING SYSTEM – ANTI EARTHQUAKE √ Comparatively within the different types of tiles the bituminous tile is in the order of 10-11 Kg/m², concrete tiles 60-70kg/m², the classic clay tiles 70-80 kg/m². √ Smaller load on the bearing wall, so great anti earthquake and additional security. √ Noise resistant to external noise (eg rain fall) IT IS MAINTENANCE FREE √ You can walk on it safely √ The condition of the roof is easy to check √ The tiles are non slippery √ They are easily repairable NO SPECIAL FITTINGS ARE REQUIRED 1. Along the ridges. 2. At the point where the roof slope changes. 3. Alongside the gutters. 4. Alongside the top of the roof. IT CAN BE USED SUCCESSFULLY FOR A WIDE RANGE OF SLOPES √ It can be used for almost any roof slope from 15% – 90% ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES In comparison with other roofs: It is quiet in the case of rain or storm, it does not allow condensation and does not rust (as in the metallic ones) and it has no algae unlike in the traditional classic ones (mould). PRACTICAL PACKAGING √ It does not break during transportation. It can be easily moved and transported. It can be easily lifted to the roof. A small volume of packaging can fit many square metres of tiles) WARRANTY √ Lifetime warranty if installed according to instructions/specifications. Immediate replacement if material is faulty.

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