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By: Daisycare Nanny Agency  02-Feb-2011
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It is becoming more and more popular for couples to choose to have children at their wedding. A wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family and often a number of those special people include babies and young children. Quite often they can really make the day and give you a nice family feel. To take the pressure off we want to help make the day run as smooth and hassle free as possible, and make the day just as special for the little ones!

We can arrange a variety of Daisycare Wedding Nanny Services so Mum and Dad are able to take a break and participate in the celebrations. With plenty of experience Daisycare Wedding Nannies know how to keep children occupied and happy. Busy children are happy children, you may need to create diversions if you expect children, especially small ones, to sit quietly during the wedding or reception.

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We can provide Floaters at the ceremony or reception to assist parents when children are at the parents table we provide parents with an extra pair of hands. Stepping in when needed for the children at the table, such as when the parents meals arrive entertain the children or when speeches are on we can help the parents keep the children happy and quiet.  Our Floaters can watch the children while the parents have a dance or join in with the children. Our floater nannies do not provide care in a structured ‘crèche’ environment but are rather there to give mum and dad a break and provide an assortment of fun for those willing to get involved.

Children’s Activity Table

We can assist in the supervision of the children attending the Reception at the children’s table. Gone are the days when single adults get sat at the children’s table we will ensure all children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise dinner, and assist with toileting or nappy changes and more importantly keep the entertained. We will provide a special Wedding Activity Book for the children and textas and pencils when it comes the time for speeches we can assist in keeping the little ones occupied.Setting up a designated location for children treats them to a fun experience while assuring adult guests a pleasant time of their own. Every wedding couple should take that extra step and create pleasant entertainments for them. Goodie Bags are a great idea something special for the occasion maybe gender-specific or they may be customized to include items specific to a particular wedding. Get every boy the same gift and another gift for every girl, if not the same gift for all.

Wedding Activity Room

We can come along to the Reception Venue and set up activities in a room or space allocated especially for the children. Daisycare Wedding Nannies can set up a room with books, craft activities, DVDs and appropriate activities for the group. We play games, and we ensure the children have a great time too. Please submit Weddings and Events Request a Estimate Form online outlining the details we require and we will provide you with a quotation for our Wedding Activity Room Services.

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