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By: Walker Street Sports Podiatry   06-Jun-2016
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Biomechanical Assessment We spend a considerable amount of time palpating (poking around) and performing orthopedic tests to determine what part of your body is generating your symptoms. Once we combine the physical exam with a thorough history, we can often provide a clinical diagnosis on the spot without the need for imaging. When imaging is required to confirm or rule out a diagnosis we can refer under Medicare for x-ray and ultrasound. Gait analysis The study of how your feet and lower limbs move is very helpful in determining why you have a particular injury. There is now ample evidence abnormal movement patterns for a number of overuse injuries. Once identified we can work on strategies to improve the lower limb biomechanics such as, stretches, strength programs, gait retraining, footwear advice and orthotics. Dry Needling (western medical acupuncture) We offer lower limb dry needling to release focal areas of tight muscle or trigger points. This is often more effective at releasing the tension and pain generated by the trigger point than deep tissue massage alone. Prolotherapy 'Prolo'therapy is short for proliferative therapy. This is an injection technique designed to stimulate tissue regeneration for chronic soft tissue injuries. For those that are familiar with PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, prolotherapy works on a similar principle. The proliferant solution injected in prolotherapy is glucose mixed with local anaesthetic. This solution is designed to stimulate a local influx of white blood cells and platelets including the important pre collagen growth factors needed for tissue repair. For more information on this treatment please visit Dr Margaret Taylor's website. Orthotic Therapy When indicated, foot orthotics can be the single most effective treatment modality that a podiatrist can offer their patient. We offer semi-customised prefabricated (off the shelf) orthotics or prescription custom orthotics depending on your individual requirements. We make every effort to fabricate lightweight and functional foot orthotics with comfort always a key consideration. And more - Exercise prescription (strength/flexibility programs) - Footwear advice (running, work, casual, sports boots) - Foot and ankle surgical advice and referral - Sports strapping & padding (rigid or kinesio) - Cycling specific carbon orthotics - Gait retraining and running technique advice

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Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment We spend a considerable amount of time palpating (poking around) and performing orthopedic tests to determine what part