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By: Moomu Media  09-Dec-2011

is used to attract qualified traffic to your site in the short term. You can have your first visitors within minutes of switching on your PPC campaign.

How Can We Help You?

MooMu Media's PPC experts can help your business with PPC training, answer ad-hoc PPC questions, or manage your campaign ongoing. Our advisors have successfully completed the Google Adwords Professionals Programme, and can also operate on the Microsoft and Yahoo search platforms.
MooMu Media can assist you with:

  1. Keyword research and selection
  2. Campaign structure
  3. Ad copy and testing
  4. Bid management
  5. Ongoing improvement

    10 Signs That Your PPC Campaign Needs An Overhaul

    1. Your PPC account was created more than 3 months ago, and no one has made any changes since. This 'set and forget' mentality is popular with PPC campaigns, but almost all 'set and forget'-ers are missing out on opportunities to reduce wastage and increase traffic for the same spend.

    2. You have never used the 'Search Term' report. This report shows you what people are actually searching when they see your ad, and gives great insight into improvements you can make to your own campaign. You need to get onto that report - Now.

    3. You didn't know you can now add your business phone number (That update was actually a while ago, so you must really need an overhaul)

    4. You aren't exactly sure what your phrase matches are, or why they are like that. Phrase match is an important way of targetting your spend, minimising wastage, and exploring new avenues.

    7. If your conversion rate has never improved - Conversion rate means how many people who come to your site from PPC have actually done what you wished they would? I.e. made a purchase, sent an enquiry, downloaded a download. If you are using your PPC account correctly, you should be gradually improving your conversion rate as you increase the relevance of the visitors coming to your site.

    9. If you haven't added keywords for a while - Your industry doesn't stay the same, and your customers don't stay the same. The keywords you thought were appropriate when you started the campaign may no longer be, or there might be newer, even better keywords that have entered your customer's lexicon. Keep up to date with developments in your industry, and make sure this translates to changes in your PPC account.

    10. If you don't use PPC for sales or seasonal campaigns.PPC is great for one-off campaigns, such as clearance sales of Christmas specials. When your store has a special even or sale, remember to add a special Sale campaign to your PPC account to drive even more visitors.

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