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By: Health in Harmony Australia  09-Jan-2012
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About the clinic

Health in Harmony Australia is located in North Parramatta and is dedicated towards providing exceptional Chinese medicine techniques to benefit your health and your life.

About Karen:

Karen Henry has a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS) and has worked for over 6 years in the field. Using traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, moxibustion and cupping to put your body back into balance and harmony. Karen also believes it is important to empower the client and will instruct on exercise and dietary modifications that will speed up your recovery.

Conditions treated in the clinic.

PAIN: All types of pain chronic and acute are treated; back ache, RSI, sciatica, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and bursitis to name a few. If you are experiencing pain Chinese medicine is extremely beneficial.

GYNECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS: Polycystic ovarian syndrome, period pain, no periods, sporadic periods, heavy periods, infertility, menopause, all hormonal imbalances and painful sex.

EMOTIONAL UPSET: Anger, stress, anxiety, fear, grief, depression and swinging emotions can all be treated with acupuncture and bach flowers.

RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS: Asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu, sore throat, sinusitis.

DIGESTIVE AND METABOLIC DISORDERS: Irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, heart burn, cystitis, incontinence. Fatigue and weight gain/loss according to Chinese medicine are often due to problems with the stomach and spleen with their assimilation and transportation of food, Chinese medicine helps regulate the movement of this energy.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS: High or low blood pressure, poor circulation, palpitations, chest pain.

NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS: Numbness, dizziness, insomnia, post stroke recovery, bells palsy.

Karen's personal message:

I have always been interested in the health and welfare of people, and I truly believe that so long as you have your health you have all the equipment you need to succeed in life.

I came across acupuncture when I was a teenager because I was experiencing debilitating period pain. I would throw up for four hours, have bruises across my stomach from the strength of the contractions and be confined to bed from the exhaustion of the experience. I even went twice by ambulance to hospital because I was in so much pain. I tried western approaches like the pill, which disrupted my hormone balance and when I went off the pill I was back to experiencing pain. I was recommended acupuncture and Chinese herbs which made all the difference in the world and the long term benefits were incredible!. I loved the benefits so much that I have a special interest in making all women feel better by regulating their periods.

Although I have a special interest in treating gynecological problems my practice is not limited to this field and as you can see from my testimonials I have helped a wide variety of people with different conditions. I love Chinese Medicine and Bach Flowers and I know that my skills will help you to achieve a better, healthier life.

What Clients Say

Kim Hourn

I went to Karen after trying for two years to fall pregnant with our second child. We had one unsuccessful round of IVF prior to seeing Karen. Karen was very friendly and caring and immediately sought to help me with my whole diet and wellbeing. I changed my diet with Karen’s advice and noticed positive changes in my moods, sleep and general feeling of health. I felt a lot more relaxed and the acupuncture treatments really helped me to focus and regenerate. With Karen's support we attempted IVF again and are happy to say that we are now half way through a very healthy pregnancy. Thank you Karen for helping us to achieve our dream of having a sibling for our daughter and to look forward to a happy and bright future as a family

Tim Bashford

I used to take a drug called Zoloft which used to help me with my depression following a stroke 3 years ago. I was very depressed and felt that was it. I even thought of suicide at one stage, that's how bad it got, but with Karen's expert knowledge she did me the world of good with her acupuncture and herbal medicines.

Karen got me off Zoloft to which I am really grateful. I would have no worries in recommending Karen at all, as she is one of the best in her field. Not just for treating strokes, but anything connected with aches and pains which you might be feeling.

Keep up the good work Karen, from a grateful person no longer on Zoloft.

Linda Austin

I've been a very happy client of Karen's for several years. I always leave my appointments feeling elated. Karen's health knowledge is widespread. Treatment starts with a friendly welcome, history of any health problems, tongue analysis, then massage, acupuncture and possibly herbal treatment. As a registered nurse and cancer survivor I won't continue seeing professionals unless they are respectful, happy and knowledgeable. Karen is all of these qualities, my appointments are always enjoyable.

Boronia Davie

Thank you for everything you have achieved using acupuncture to control my asthma. Whilst I still use a preventative inhaler, I have successfully reduced my intake of ventolin and prednisone, and have had fewer attacks since visiting you. Despite my dislike of needles, acupuncture was so simple and painless, and the results are fantastic. I recommend you to all my friends, your caring professionalism, and positive take on life makes every visit a relaxing experience.

Many thanks.


Tuesday: 6pm-9pm
Thursday: 6pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm

Bookings required. Health Fund Rebates Available.
Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)

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