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By: Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah  05-Jul-2013
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Every tarot reader works differently. During your reading I will use the tarot as a tool rather than a definitive source in itself. It is my intuition/psychic ability that allows me to translate what I see unfolding for you. The cards are used as visual flash cards primarily to make the reading more accessible to you. You can see what cards are appearing and can have your own way of responding to them.

Tarot cards have an ancient history. They have their own way of working that can be very beautiful, synchronistic and relevant. The longer I use the cards, the more I learn about their mysteriousness, and I find that using them in a reading allows for a more grounded and straightforward understanding.

I do not expect you to subscribe to any particular belief system in order for the reading to make sense. I am non-sectarian in my approach and I refer to energy simply as energy without creating a particular name or image for it. To this end, I do not refer to spirit guides, gods/goddesses, animal totems, angels, fairies, deceased people, past-lives etc.

This is not to deny others’ relationships with those particular descriptions – more just a way of keeping the reading universal, and as grounded in reality as possible.

Keywords: Psychic Reading, Tarot Card Readers, Tarot Reading, Tarot Readings

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