By: Christine Love Kinesiologist & Life Coach  16-Sep-2011
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Personal Development


" I always came second in my races. I went for a session with Christine, and the very next day I won my race! The fear that I felt before a race was gone, and I felt amazing!" Julie, Maryland

"For years after my divorce I was too scared to go out. I did not feel beautiful and my eczema was really bad. I had no self-confidence. Since my sessions, I met a lovely man, got a great job, and it is hard to believe that my life has changed so much so easily." Yasmin, Newcastle

"My knee was always hurting, especially when I had to jump to score. The doctor said that my knee was fine, but it kept on hurting when I played. During a session with Christine we realised the emotion that stopped me from performing, we fixed that, and today I have no pain and barely miss a shot!" Emil, Garden Suburb

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