One-Stop-Shop + Cost Benefit Analysis.

By: HERM LEDz  06-May-2011
Keywords: Commercial, Outdoor, Office

As a premier 'Solutions Provider' we will include recommendations for all your lighting requirements - from mass market and professional range LEDs, through to bespoke and custom designed LED luminaries and fixtures - to deliver:

  • Creative and inspiring education, work and lifestyle surroundings
  • Reductions of up to 95% in energy consumption
  • Reductions in electricity expenditure
  • Reductions in maintenance costs and lamp replacement cost by installing “Energy Star Partner” accredited and Guaranteed ‘Life-Span' LEDs
  • High return on investment over the LED lamp life-span, and
  • Reductions in CO emission ... become an ISO 14001 Compliance Business / Site
  • Keywords: Commercial, Office, Outdoor