By: Health In The Bay  20-May-2014
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What is Chiropractic? Chiro-Myths-RealityChiropractic is a gentle and safe complementary health care system that is effective in helping reduce muscle and joint aches and pains. How does Chiropractic work? The principle of Chiropractic is to balance and realign the physical/structural components of our bodies (ie the muscles and the bones/joints). If these are balanced and positioned as they should be then our body is functioning most efficiently and ergonomically. When it is functioning in this state it is strong and resilient to external stresses such as poor posture or sustained positions and even bumps and falls. If our body is not in this state, it is working much harder to perform normal activities and is prone to injuries. If it is not balanced the muscles need to compensate for the imbalances and as such they are working much harder than ideal. This will result in these muscle being tight and spasmed, as well as fatigued. This imbalance can also put increased pressure through the joints resulting in inflammation. If a body is extremely unbalanced there can be more serious consequences such as pinched nerves or spinal disc bulges. These are commonly the symptoms that patients experience that lead them to seeing a Chiropractor. Chiropractic works by using gentle, specific techniques to rebalance the muscles and the joints, to get them to their normal state and hence reduce any associated symptoms. What can Chiropractic help me with? ChiropracticBy getting the body back to its ideal balanced state the muscles that have been compensating can return to normal, and any pressure on the joints and nerves will be reduced. Therefore any signs, symptoms or conditions that are caused by these imbalances can be helped with Chiropractic care. These include: Back pain Headaches Migraines Shoulder pain Jaw pain Vertigo Knee and ankle pain Sciatica Neck stiffness Pinched nerves Muscle weakness Torticollis By having a freely moving skeletal system, the nervous system (which is partly housed and protected by the spine) will also be able to function freely and optimally. By improving the ability of the nervous system to function, a treatment by a Chiropractor can have other follow on benefits and effects. Chiropractic may also help with: Low energy Poor immunity Poor posture Poor sleep What techniques are used? ChiropracticChiropractors vary greatly, primarily due to the many possible Chiropractic techniques that may be utilised. This may make it confusing when deciding on which Chiropractor to see, but it has the overriding benefit that treatments are tailored to each persons individual needs, at each visit. The techniques used at Health In The Bay include: Muscle Testing Adjustments Applied Kinesiology Intraoral cranials Vector Point Cranials Mobilisations Muscle releases Neuro Emotional Technique Neurolink Retained Primitive Reflexes Call us on 9904-1333 to make an appointment with our Chiropractor, Martina Hambly.

Keywords: Chiropractic, Chiropractor