Halloween Safety LED Flare; Safety flashing LED beacon

By: Emergency LED Safety Beacons: Secure-Aware  26-May-2012
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Safety First, Last and Always What is safety? The following logic would ring true for most human beings: if we practice “safety” in every situation and environment we are exposed to and take care in our choices and actions, generally this gives us the feeling of being relatively secure we believe our chances for survival are better for choosing to be “safe”, in making this conscious decision it is our hope to avoid all potential hazards and to obtain maximum benefits given the environment or situation, our choice to be safe assists us in achieving another day of life in our world. However, if we do not obey the rules and laws governed by man or nature we consider these behaviors and decisions as “unsafe” because statistically we have been taught that we are putting ourselves at higher risks for personal injury, the injury of others, damage to our way of life, socio-economic crisis, legal ramifications and even death. It can easily be argued that survival of the fittest is the evolutionary game of self preservation. What is safety? I believe that safety begins in the mind as a selfish construct, safety mindedness minimizes dangers and risks while maximizing the benefits and rewards available within a given environment or situation its goal is to maintain security and stability so that another day of life can be achieved Our beliefs and ideas about safety are often passed to our children, they would be considered by most as part of a child’s primary up-bringing, they also determine our cultural ways of conduct, rules and laws. Think of it, through trial and error of others similar to us we learn how to be safe, from a very young age it is instilled within us, for example we learn about the power of gravity when we trip or fall and we are taught the penalties of the law for crimes against the rules of humanity and its cultures. Sayings like: “Safety First” or “Safety First, Last and Always” resonate deeply with us. When someone says that something is “unsafe” it generally deters people from doing or interacting with whatever it might be. Safety is similar to our drive for self preservation and is more than likely the result of this drive it teaches us how to survive so that our species can continue.Safety has dictated our past, determines our present and creates our future!

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Safety first, last and always . Our Emergency LED Flare (ELF) is a brand new flashing safety beacon from Emergency LED Safety Beacons: Secure-Aware thumbnail

Safety first, last and always . Our Emergency LED Flare (ELF) is a brand new flashing safety beacon

Halloween trick or treat is upon us. Safety for children is vital. Use new ELF LED flashing beacons that are 100% safe for kids & cannot cause fire. Candles inside pumpkin shells/goards are dangerous. LED flashing lights are safe.


E-L-F: Emergency LED Flare used in accidents to alert bystanders and people passing by.

LED Flare used in accidents to alert bystanders and people passing by.