Singing Lessons as Part of Rehabilitation - Tahlia Dias

Singing Lessons as Part of Rehabilitation - Tahlia Dias from MELODIQUE Singing Piano Lessons West Wollongong

By: MELODIQUE Singing Piano Lessons West Wollongong  22-May-2013
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At only 10 years of age Tahlia Dias suffered a major stroke. As a result she lost all movement in her left arm and hand and a large degree of general sensation on her left side. This of course affected her general motor skills and even her speech. As part of her rehabilitation, Talia's did one hour of Physio and 45 minutes of occupational therapy everyday. Two years later Tahlia decided she would like singing lessons, and so her mother Neev contacted me here at 'Melodique'. Now at 14 years of age and after only 7 months of vocal lessons I am truly stunned by how quickly Tahlia has advanced as a singer. There is a massive amount of muscle co-ordination involved, and yet Tahlia has taken on the techniques with ease. It seems miraculous. Tahlia has a beautiful voice and ought to be very proud of the work that she has done! In celebration and honor of Tahlia and her recovery journey and in preparation for the Channel 9 Gold Telethon, 60 Minutes decided to cover Tahlia's story. The television camera's popped by one of her singing lessons here at 'Melodique', and so you will have the pleasure of hearing her sing as I do! It will go to air on the 9th of June, so tune in!

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