South American Style Aged Smoked Meats

South American Style Aged Smoked Meats from The Smokin Joint

By: The Smokin Joint  03-Nov-2016
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It all starts with smouldering, crackling wood, smoke and fire… However simple, there’s something about the charbroiled smoky flavour of grilled food that makes it taste extra special. Maybe it owes part of its appeal to our earlier ancestors that learned to grill meat over open fires, releasing all the nutritious goodness and enhancing the taste and aroma. For South Americans, grilling is as much about entertaining as it is about taste and flavour. The idea of smoked grilled meats is foremost a social event, reminding us of the socialness of the activity and what makes it special and often memorable. The focus is on bringing family and friends together, it is not uncommon for the grill or fire pit to be fired up at mid-day, with drinks being passed around and different dishes offered throughout the day, reminding us of the camaraderie of the campfire and the sizzling smells of succulently grilled food. At The Smokin’ Joint we want to help you bring the flavours of long hours of smoking to your family and friends in a fun, easy and delicious way. Our meats and produce are grilled slowly, under indirect heat, at low temperatures for up to 8 hours, imparting a smoky flavours and still leaving them tender, juicy and ready for you to give the finishing touches. Finished products can be heated & cooked to desired wellness, over the stove, convection ovens (or fan forced), gas-style barbecue and if you have the space, time and patience, grilling over hot coals and wood style barbecues will improve the meats lovely smoky flavour and contribute to the authentic South American experience. By using only the finest cuts of MSA approved beef and best quality produce, we’re certain every tender slice of meat we carefully smoke is fresh and juicy and our produce is fresh and crisp. So, it’s really is up to you how it will be served, or who it will be shared with, but you are already halfway there to really good food and great memories. All you have to do is wrangle your family and/or friends and dig in.

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