LAUNCH NEW E-Book - The A.R.O.R.A. Pathway

LAUNCH NEW E-Book - The A.R.O.R.A. Pathway from SoultoSoul Healing & Teaching

By: SoultoSoul Healing & Teaching  30-Sep-2014
Keywords: Personal Development, Healing, Spiritual Healing

Your Practical Roadmap to becoming your Sovereign Self! This channelled wisdom is an essential handbook for all Spiritual Travellers, mapping out the 5 phases of Ascension in a simple, clear and practical manner. This 55 page e-book with full colour graphics is available as a tree-free download in PDF format. Purchase for immediate download. Soon to be available on Amazon Kindle. (Note that Kindle is in black and white format!) The A.R.O.R.A Pathway An Essential Handbook for all Spiritual Travellers A.R.O.R.A takes the mystery and struggle out of Ascension. This profound channelled wisdom has come through at this time to help you live a life of joy, love and bliss. These sacred knowledge and teachings are a MUST READ for everyone wanting to unlock the secrets to becoming their True Self. It also helps you to understand what Ascension is and why this path is available to you now. ARORA Pathway of Ascension Diagram Jul14This easy-to-follow 5 phase guide for Ascension is concise and practical. It offers a powerful & inspirational ‘roadmap to enLIGHTenment’ for the 21st Century. A.R.O.R.A outlines in detail what you will be feeling, thinking and experiencing in each phase of your spiritual journey. It will take you from Seeker to Master. 5 Phases A – AWAKENING R – REMEMBERING O – OPENING – R – RECLAIMING A – ASCENDING Each section takes you through one of the 5 phases of A.R.O.R.A, providing detailed information about what your life looks like, how you know you have mastered each phase and self development and healing work to focus on. It also helps you to understand the dimensional energies in each phase so that you can raise your light quotient. This 55 page handbook: - Gives you a clear and practical pathway to Ascension - Demystifies the often confusing spiritual journey - Helps you to understand where you are at and where you are heading - What to do when you get lost, confused or stuck on your journey - Easy practices to raise your vibration In this compelling guide, Rebecca adds her own practical wisdom, accumulated over years of healing her own soul, studying spirituality & holistic health and helping people all over the world as a spiritual healer & teacher through her centre, SoultoSoul Healing & Teaching. This valuable resource will become your constant companion on your spiritual journey! This book is very practical, included a dedicated chapter to mapping your journey where all the steps along the pathway are laid out in easy to read table so that you can see what you need to focus on next to help you become your Sovereign Self. “Each human has the potential to become their Sovereign Self in our physical world. Your Sovereign Self is the pure being that you really are – joyful, divine, radiant, eternal, omnipotent, peaceful, liberated, unconditional love & bliss – one with all!”

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