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By: Mammal  18-Apr-2012
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6 ways we deliver efficiency 1. No retainer fees. We’re mainly project based. So if we’re not working on a project for you, you’re not paying us. Simple. 2. Only senior people. We find it’s more efficient and cost-effective when experienced people work closely with experienced people. So we don’t put juniors on your business. And, naturally, we prefer not to be left to the mercy of yours. 3. Creating ideas to budget. Thanks to our unique combination of a creative agency and production company (usually separate businesses) we can work closely together to create work to your budget. We don’t present creative ideas that require extra money, or which cut corners and fall below the quality you (or we) expect. 4. Lower overheads. We have a core team of experienced creative directors, producers, commercials directors and editors, and prefer to involve specialists, such as web developers and designers, only when you need them. This gives us the flexibility to select the right people for your project while keeping overheads low. At the same time, by having creative, production and post-production under one roof, it’s easier for us to keep control the major costs. 5. Fewer agency mark ups. Usually, your communications agency will mark up the film production company’s costs – which can amount to a large chunk of your budget gone. But because we’re both the creative agency and film production company in one, there is no agency mark up in this costly area. 6. A ‘You-ccentric’ creative brief. Our brief recognises the fact that you know your product and your customers better than anyone, and probably have a good idea of the message you want to get across. Consequently, our brief is designed to get your message fine-tuned quickly so we can deliver on-brief, effective creative work fast. We also have a useful Briefing Guide to help you get the best results from us. You can download a pdf of our brief and guide here.

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