Moving Type - A Celebration of the Printed Word

By: Fifteen Books  18-Oct-2013
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Remember those afternoons spent hidden in attics, locked in cupboards (under the stairs yes), sprawled across the lawn or nested against a frosted window (with a view of the River Arno, of course) with book in your hand and a library card between your teeth? When the single act of turning a page doubled the suspense and excitement of a Holmes classic? When the rustle of paper and the smell of ink did more for your imagination than a bucketful of metaphors?

In this age of pixellated literature and the digital word, Fifteen Books has decided to spend a week locked in nostalgia, with the smell of paper in the air and the feel of raised type under all our fingertips. Starting Friday 10th and ending Friday 17th this month come down to Fifteen Books with your favourite printed story (and reading nibbles!) for everyone to share, leave a message for your next reader and look at what others have brought in. We expect there will be some rare treasures!

All our archives will be open for the day for you to explore, all paper products will be at 15% off the marked price, and as per usual free coffee on the house. Hope to see you!

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