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By: Fifteen Books  17-Mar-2014
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Books know no boundaries, especially not those drawn by the language we speak.

To celebrate the universality of reading, Fifteen Books has opened up a new foreign languages section for non English publications. We've gone on a sourcing expedition (certainly not a holiday!) and poked around some of the best shelves in Asia and Europe. And we've bought some of our favorite finds to Mortdale.

Fifteen Books now boasts;
- Simplified and Traditional Chinese fiction and non fiction, classical poetry and analects
(including exclusive short pieces collected from the experimental genius of Young China Literature Society and bound especially for Fifteen Books' patrons)
- Japanese non fiction (more to add to our existing manga collection!)
- French fiction and non fiction
- German fiction
- Portuguese fiction

We're just starting here and we'd love to know what you think of our efforts, so please come in this week and take a wander around.

For the full catalogue please visit our website.

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