12v LED Caravan Lighting Information

By: iMAAGE  09-Dec-2011
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12v LED lighting information

Reducing power draw and extending Battery life and durability are important considerations for Caravans, Motorhomes and 5th Wheelers. 12v LED Lighting is a great solution for these environments. 12v LED lights provide an easy way to reduce the battery drain in your caravan, motorhome or 5th Wheeler. 12 volt LED lighting typically reduces your power draw by up to 80%. 12v LED lighting and bulbs also have many other great advantages over traditional 12v bulbs.

12v LED Lighting Advantages:

- Extended battery life
- Extremely long life 50,000hrs + (over 30 yrs if used for 4 hrs/day)
- Durable, No fragile filaments or gas filled tubes
- Energy efficient
- Low voltage
- 100% Recyclable
- Small Design
- Little to no maintenance
- Great for the environment
- Low heat

Our range of 12v LED Lights will suit many installations where 12v DC power is required.

Our current LED Bulbs include:

  • LED G-4 Bi Pin replacement globes
  • LED Bayonet - (15mm base and Parallel pins)
  • LED Festoon (42-44mm and 33-37mm sizes)
  • LED Multifit kits including: Wedge, Bayonet, Bi Pin and Various Festoon sizes
  • LED Downlights - 12/24v New install fittings.
  • LED Strip lights - 12/24v New install Strip lights.
  • Duraflex - A flexible linear LED Light.


How are LEDs so efficient?
LED lights maximise efficiency by converting most of the electrical energy used into light and not heat, approximately 20% of electricity is lost through heat. Traditional lighting is the reverse, vast amounts electrical energy consumed is emitted as heat rather than light, approximately 80% of electricity is lost through heat.

What is the difference between Warm White and Cool White?
Warm white is suitable for living areas and emits similar light to that of a traditional bulb, a "warmish" kind of light. Warm white is often used in living areas where a warm relaxing atmosphere is desired. Cool White would be best suited for task areas such as the kitchen. The Cool White bulbs appear brighter due to better reflection off surfaces. For more information about colour temperatures please see our lighting glossary or please

Where can I buy LED Lights?
You can buy our 12v LED lights through our online shop, we ship Australia wide and express delivery can be arranged.

What other LED products do you sell?

iMAAGE Envirolife actively source LED lighting technology from around the world and have an extensive range of lighting products.

Including LED downlights, LED globes for retro fit and new install options.

We also offer advice and expertise on LED streetlighting, Commercial applications and Domestic homes.

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