Weighted Blanket Hire Service

By: For Our Special Someone  12-Mar-2013
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Natural Therapy, Melatonin

Weighted blankets have been used for years to promote a natural sleep without the use of drugs or medications. Using these blankets promotes natural sleep by using your bodies own seratonin and melatonin produced by the hug like touch of the blanket. Deep pressure therapy is a well know science that shows that we produce these natural chemicals for rest, calming and sleep when we are hugged or wrap our body tightly. Pressure against the skin triggers the release of the calming chemicals but the hug effect also promotes a sense of spacial awareness that can also have it's own significant calming effect and produce an even deeper sleep. Our blankets range in weight from 2.5 kilo up to 5.5 kilo in weight and are a single size blanket providing maximum skin coverage for maximum benefit. Hire for your blanket costs $50 for a 3 week hire. At the end of your hire period you simply return your blanket or if you choose to purchase a blanket your hire fee is then applied to your purchase price. More details of our hire are available on our website. www.forourspecialsomeone.com.au

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