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By: Centennial Qi Therapies  28-Apr-2014
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture

Acupuncture $90 (60 min) The treatment starts with a consultation about your health concerns. Your meridians are then activated with Tuina, a Chinese massage therapy designed to facilitate Qi flow through your body and enhance the effect of the acupuncture treatment. Once the needles deliver the De-Qi sensation, the practitioner performs Qigong techniques on selected points and areas. You are then left to relax until the needles are taken out. Cupping therapy $120 (90 min) Like with acupuncture, the treatment starts with Tuina. We will then move to Chinese meridian massage. This technique aims to mobilise blockages in your meridians so that they can be “pulled out” by fire cupping therapy. Cups are then applied and left in place on selected points or they may be used to slide along your meridians. Once the cups are removed, a Tuina routine closes your meridians and completes the treatment. Multiple treatments are recommended to maximise the results. A three-treatment package is available for $300. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine & Diet Therapy After a free consultation, a personalised Chinese herbal formulation is prescribed for your health condition . The formulation is offered as granules, pills or in its raw form for a fee. As lifestyle is an important aspect of self-healing and disease prevention, dietary and lifestyle suggestions will be offered to assist with your healing. Massage Therapy $42 (30 min) / $80 (60 min) / $110 (90 min) Your massage experience starts off with a consultation about your health issues and areaof concern. Our therapist then melts your stress away with their magic. The health benefits of massage therapy are well known: improved circulation, mobility and general wellbeing, just to name a few! With the right mixture of remedial and relaxation techniques the massage can adapted for anyone, whether as a treatment for pain and injury or relaxation. You may choose the oil being used, or allow our experienced therapist to recommend one for your skin type. Reiki may also be performed as part of the treatment. Reiki $90 (60 min) Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic practice drawing from the universal Qi. Natural healing therapies activate yourself repairing system. It is an effective practice to attune one’s body as regulation can increase immune system, emotions and wellbeing. Each Reiki treatment is tailored to suit the client. Soothing treatments are achieved which helps those who are emotionally trapped in everyday life. Stress is a common factor wherein everyone has experienced or experiencing. It can cause disorders and exacerbates existing ones. Through Reiki, a relaxed focused mind and body can be attained. Health Rebates Available!

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