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By: Pearces Child Restraints  15-Nov-2011
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Pearce’s Child Restraints is a long established Northern Beaches business that specialises in car safety for babies and children.  

We rent out and sell child restraints such as boosters, car seats and capsules.  Just as importantly, we install them professionally and provide advice on their use.  This may not seem important, but it is a fact that the majority of restraints in NSW are improperly fitted and unsafe in use.

While the new child restraint laws are a step in the right direction, many people remain either ignorant of them, or in denial as to the consequences of not following them. The penalties for incorrect usage are now $253 and loss of three points per child, which doubles in holiday periods.  It is possible to lose your licence entirely for having two incorrectly restrained children in the car.  

You only need to look at the cars at any kiss and drop zone to see the disturbing number of parents who don’t ensure their children are safe.
-          Some are in boosters before they are physically ready,
-          plenty are allowed to sit in the front seat,
-          some wear their seatbelts under their arms instead of over their shoulder,
-          and most worryingly, some wear no seatbelt at all.

These things are a source of enormous frustration to the team at Pearce’s.  We spend our days educating people about child restraints, but there seems to be a persistent attitude of she’ll be right, or that it’s a lot of fuss being made “when nothing happened to us growing up and we never even had seatbelts”.

The fuss is only unnecessary as long as you can guarantee you are never going to be involved in an accident.  In 1970, before seatbelts were mandatory, 29 people per 100,000 were killed in car accidents. Now the figure is around 7 per 100,000.  If you consider how many more cars are on the road now, you are in fact eight times less likely to be killed on the road than in 1970.

Seatbelts have saved thousands of lives, yet most people never consider that they are designed specifically for adults, and can in fact cause terrible injuries to children in an accident.  Imagine the impact of a seatbelt that cuts across a child’s neck instead of the adult shoulder, or cuts across a child’s stomach instead of lying across the adult hips.  These things never occur to most people, so that is the focus of our education campaign at Pearce’s Child Restraints.

Two recent news items have highlighted the importance of properly installed child restraints.
First was the plight of the toddler who was sitting unrestrained on the front seat when his parents’ van ran into a parked truck.  He suffered severe facial and internal injuries and was taken to hospital in a critical condition.  Compare this with the tragic death of a young mother in country NSW whose car was hit by a truck.  Her young son was strapped into his car seat and survived the horrific crash with only minor injuries.

At Pearce’s we want to raise awareness of the safety issue above all – good advice is in fact priceless.  We professionally install and fit any restraint bought from us at no charge, and will also install seats bought elsewhere for a small fee.

One final safety issue we would like to highlight is that all seats are not made the same. Manufacturers recommend a life of 10 years for restraints, after which the plastics become more brittle, the straps worn, and the level of protection offered drops away. Think twice about using someone else’s old restraint, keeping in mind that the new laws mean you will be using it for seven years for each child. Also keep in mind that Pearce’s sell only Safe’n’Sound brands, and that unlike a fancy stroller or a groovy Swedish cot, this is one investment that may be called on to save their life. 

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