By: Dynamic Lifestyle  24-Sep-2014
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Since becoming a Kanetica practitioner four years ago I did not realize that each treatment would change lives so dramatically. It would give my clients freedom and flexibility in many ways from walking, house work or even helping them get back on track with simple movements like squatting or bending. Even though the technique is very safe and gentle it surprised me how much movement is created in helping my clients with their daily lives. For some clients it’s helped them work more efficiently, sleep deeper or even breath deeper which has opened doors for them and given me a happiness that is constant because I love helping people in restoring their lives. A majority of my clients who have received Kanetica have received treatments from other methods but Kanetica is the only treatment that has taken stiffness away and kept them pain free. Yes they need to come back for maintenance usually around four times a year but it makes me laugh as I usually receive a comment saying” that they are still pain free”. Some of these clients have been in pain for twenty or more years which shows how awesome Kanetica can bring you to restoration. If you don’t believe me have a look my testimonies! I would really love to help you to restoration, as Kanetica could be the answer you need. If you are experiencing any back problems, shoulder problems, nerve problems, hip problems, any stiffness or any pain etc., then don’t hesitate to book in a appointment with me now. As being the only level 2 Kanetica practitioner in Sydney I have decided to spend the next four weeks offering one free trial of Kanetica to new clients. This offer will end on the 12th of October. Contact me now

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