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By: Bowral Driving School  22-Aug-2011
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Bowral Driving School offers you the best tuition at the best price with extra time at no extra cost

Non-stop driving, no wasted time sitting at the side of the road

You need the best instructor who is patient and understanding with nervous learners

Contact Tim Clarke, 41 years providing the best results with passing the test at all registries in Sydney and country area. 0408-426379

Being dedicated to professional standard of imparting knowledge is easy for me because I have been in the transport industry for 45 years Specializing in all type of vehicles I can assist you with developing a better skill with reversing horsebox, trailers, caravan & 4wheel drive. It makes life easy for you when you know more than you realize you needed to know
Age drivers need to refresh their understanding of the changing rules and to also upgrade their driving skill Learning teenagers is a breeze to develop their ability to drive, but instilling maturity is a problem.

When a teenager is driving on their P licence, should they have the same fear as when taking a driving test? I am sure they may have more respect for their licence achieving a positive result to pass the driving test is a huge relief for the learner and also for the parents
There are teenagers who adopt the attitude within days after passing their test that it is time to trash the car and abuse the privilege of being able to drive unaccompanied
Speeding, using a mobile phone and in some cases drinking alcohol or using illegal sustenance.
Teenagers with this attitude have a short memory and adults who do the same have a damaged memory While learning to drive the good memory will get you past your test
Normally when driving the good memory will keep you out of Court, Hospital and Jail.

People need to be reminded that when driving on the road it is a sharing task that is performed

A driving instructor does not save lives no more than any program about driving safety and the lobbyist who get on the bandwagon to promote their self-ego in the eye of road safety.
It is you the parent who have been demonstrating your attitude during the young child’s growing up which will be copied by the teenage driver when they have the opportunity

Discipline is required no matter who is driving
Driver education is a learning curve to develop greater wisdom about driving skill and it is entirely up to the driver at any time to use their memory judgement and wisdom
A vehicle is merely a tool, weapon, transport implement and misuse of it will have consequences
It is a driver’s choice!........... Discipline is required matter who is driving

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