By: Find My Super  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Tax Information

Find my Super was Australia’s first web site committed to helping Australians find their Superannuation accounts.

Since September 2000 over 400,000 people have registered for our service. We have used the signed authority to search lost accounts registered by superannuation funds using tax information and date of birth data. We also use lost money data supplied by lost money registers administered by the various state government agencies.

We also send requests to Superannuation funds to update fund details on behalf of our customers and confirm account balances.

We may be entitled to a distribution fee of between 0.20% and 0.67% of the account balance each year. This can be rebated back you after our consolidation fee. This fee is already part of the investment managers fees and does not represent an additional fee to you.

In recognition of you nominating find my super we will enrol you in our rebate rewards package and you will be entitled to receive benefits and discounts from a whole range of services.

Keywords: Tax Information