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By: Rotai Pain Relief & Massage  23-Jan-2013
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ALERT: 4th June, 2015 - Our business has not been taken over or changed hands. July, 2013 - Rotai Australia has now moved to the Sapphire Coast of NSW. We are now "Rotai Massage". See our new updated info on our new website EarthRemedies.com.au and we've updated our www.RoTaiAustralia.weebly.com website. We still have the same phone number: 0418 761 034. This is what some of the locals are saying about their treatments: My partner & I luckily discovered Kerryn & the Rotai clinic a few weeks ago. Following years of chiropractor & physio visits, which only helped slightly, my partner started showing signs of improvement straight after the treatment - he had been suffering from sciatica, on & off for years, this time for a couple of months continuously. He is very impressed with Kerryn & her hands on approach & sound advice. I am now also having treatment & appreciate Kerryn's explanations & suggestions. We find her to be an extremely warm & understanding person & very knowlegeable & would recommend her advice & treatments. (V) 28/08/2013 Chronic pain sufferer for many, many years. Tried EVERYTHING until I had the good fortune to move to the country and discover this wonderful person who can work magic. It can take a while to make up for the many years of poor treatments and doctors advice so you may need to put up with some pain at first. Depending on the depth of your problems give it time and you will not be disappointed. She locates the source of your pain and takes the time to get to know you and figure out the best approach to help you over the long term. She has changed my life and made my retirement a joy. (P.H.) 20/08/2013 Yesterday I had a treatment with Kerryn Dunlop. I knew it was going to be different but had no expectations, having had 10 years of therapy, both traditional and alternative, to address the altered biomechanics in my shoulder after an accident. I did however, have hope in my heart. I'd had a shoulder reconstruction after an accident and then a biceps tenodesis. (Detachment, shortening and re attachment of the tendon in a different position.) Last night I played my violin without pain and with total enjoyment and abandon for the first time in ten years: Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and some great little Irish tunes. I was in heaven. The big lump of knotted muscle I'd carried in my shoulder blade for the past ten years was gone. Completely gone! I know I still have a way to go, but I know too, that I'm on the right track. I highly recommend this amazing body work. (E) 2/09/2013 Rotai is an ancient Shoalin healing art that can assist to rehabilitate most sports or work injuries such as • migraines, headaches • RSI/RMI, carpal tunnel, • sciatica, hip and leg pain • shoulder/neck pain, • leg length issues • digestive disorders • and many other chronic ailments Rotai is a natural pain relief system that works for over 98% of people. Our healing methods involve no needles or painful bone crunching, but works on the Lymphatic System of the body to reinforce body structure and function. Rotai is a member of IICT and insured with OAMPS (Gallagher)

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