Accredited NLP Master Certificate Training

Accredited NLP Master Certificate Training from Life Beyond Limits

By: Life Beyond Limits  08-Jul-2011
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Soar to Success with NLP Master Practitioner Training

You've completed Practitioner Training and you're now ready for the next powerful piece. This next level is designed to teach you some lightening fast ways to shift a belief and grow your values and self-esteem. This training is for anyone that is serious about Coaching, Management, Leadership and creating a powerful productive life. By the time you complete this Training you'll have learned to install a powerful mindset into your own neurology and you are now well on the way to creating a compelling future.

We have now designed this training so that you can powerfully install into your neurology the mindsets you so admire and strive to become more alike. It is now possible to make massive shifts in your thinking using the powerful NLP sciences and therefore in your life, relationships, health and career.

Life Beyond Limits courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognized and provide you the tools to take back the control of your life. Learn how to evolve your beliefs, manage your emotional states and gain much higher levels of confidence as you build deep level rapport with those around you.

NLP Master Practitioner Skills You Will Learn...

What you will learn in 8 days, most will never learn in a lifetime of living.

1.   Learn to change your Beliefs within 30 seconds
2.   Discover more about anyone than they know about themselves inside of 3 minutes
3.   Master the art of asking powerful and life changing questions
4.   Understand the powerful techniques of Performance Consulting
5.   Master the art of building great relationships through learning professional rapport insights
6.   Uncover your Values and shift them to shift your life
7.   Master the art of Hypnosis and why people are in trance 95% of the time
8.   Become a master communicator
9.   Overcome any objection within seconds
10. Learn the "8 Levels of Human Consciousness"
11. Learn how to do a Past Life Regression to uncover disabling patterns
12. Understand how to master your own mind

Who is this course for...

In truth, this course will benefit anyone that wants to completely master their lives. Though if you're still guessing, let us spell it out for you.

1. Speakers
2. Trainers and Coaches
3. CEO's, MD's, Managers and Leaders
4. Teachers and Lecturers
5. Empowered Parents
6. Network Marketers
7. Anyone who wants to be in full control of their lives...

To find out more - contact our Melbourne office today - +61 3 9836 2493 or to register your interest

Keywords: Life Coach, Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Nlp

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