Career counselling what job path will you take?

By: Blu Ripples ®   12-May-2015
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Looking for a career counsellor if the answer is yes look no further Blu Ripples can help. WHAT IS CAREER COUNSELLING? Career Counselling is an evolutionary helping and goal setting process whereby a nationally accredited Counsellor assists an individual in the development and management of vocational (career) and academic baselines, strategies and action plans over the course of the individuals professional life-cycle. BLU RIPPLES CAREER COUNSELLING SERVICES Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services can help you find career clarity and direction through our diverse range of career guidance, counselling, planning and development services. Our services include (but not limited to): – Career Development (Planning) Reports Career Programs and Workshops Career Transition Support Educational Guidance and Course Selection Outplacement Services Professional Resume Preparation (Writing) Services Psychometric – Vocational Assessment Remunera HOW CAN BLU RIPPLES CAREER COUNSELLING SERVICES HELP ME? Blu Ripples® Career Counselling Services can help you in numerous ways including (but not limited to):- Pinpointing your career direction, paths and options when you are feeling lost and/or confused Establishing and monitoring realistic career and academic goals Identifying and marketing your key transferrable skills and knowledge, personality, career interest, aptitude and work strategies utilising traditional and online job search strategies Determining how much money your skills, knowledge and experience are worth in the real world Establishing and addressing career barriers, considerations, restrictions or limitations that may be holding you back from achieving your ambitions Preparing return to work plans and strategies i.e. parents and injured workers Identifying and exploring your preferential learning style, strategies and environments; compiling tertiary admission applications to your preferred educational institutions Developing training and development action plan Sourcing and exploring career resources to help you make an informed decision Increase your professional self confidence empower Blu Ripples® to help you explore your career options, concerns, thoughts, feeling and/or emotions; with our one-on-one career counselling sessions, career development (planning) report process or career workshop programs (coming in early 2015). Call us today 1300 300 557

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