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By: Blu Ripples ®   12-May-2015
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Blu Ripples are located in Medowie providing abuse counselling call us today 1300 300 557. Blu Ripples provides Abuse and Domestic Violence counselling and support to individuals, children, teenagers, youth, adults and the elderly; whom are currently experiencing abuse and/or domestic violence in their lives; whom are seeking to leave and/or have survived abusive and/or domestic violence relationships and environments. Our aim, with respect to Abuse and Domestic Violence Counselling, is to provide clients with a safe, caring and supportive environment that encourages them to open up and explore their thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours and experiences to encourage healing to commence, to identify and implement action plans so that clients feel empowered to move forward with their lives in a positive and meaningful way for them. YPES OF ABUSE It is an unfortunate aspect of life that abuse is a prevalent issue in our society; in no way, shape or form is abuse acceptable or the fault of the victim; abuse is a criminal offence and the individuals who are currently experiencing abuse, have survived an abusive experience or environment require genuine support and guidance to open up, explore, manage, heal and move forward in their lives not condemnation and judgement. The Abuse spectrum covers five (5) key types of abuse including: – Emotional Abuse Neglect Physical Abuse Psychological Abuse; and Sexual Abuse However, there are many sub-categories to each of the five key categories including (but not limited to): – Acts of Omission Bulling Child Abuse Discrimination Elderly Abuse Family Abuse (also known as DV) Financial/Economic Abuse Harassment and Stalking Institutional Abuse Property Damage Reproductive Control Self-Harm Spiritual/Religious/Satanic Abuse Technology Abuse CONSEQUENCES OF LIVING WITH ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Abuse and Domestic Violence issues are complex; that is an individual can experiences the ramifications of living with abuse and/or domestic violence for a considerable period of time. Thus, counselling can help identify the ripple effect, personal triggers and the way in which we bring forward our hurt, pain and experiences into the NOW and future. As a consequence of living with abuse and/or domestic violence individuals can manifest their hurt and pain in numerous ways including (but not limited to):- Anger Anxiety Depression Failure to thrive Fears and Phobias Guilt Hypersensitivity or Hyposensitivity Impaired social skills Intimacy Issues Mood Swings Nightmares and Night Terrors Negative self talk and self-worth Poor decision making and self esteem skills Sleep disturbance Social Avoidance Substance Abuse issues Suicidal and self- harm thoughts, feelings and behaviours Trust Issues MOVE FORWARD ON YOUR JOURNEY WITH BLU RIPPLES… Blu Ripples is committed to providing a genuine, safe, caring and supportive environment for victims and survivors of abuse. Don’t suffer in silence, have the courage to speak up and ask for help – Blu Ripples is here to support you through this difficult journey!

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